When it comes to trends, people often have the tendency to come back to old fashion, and rejuvenate them in style. This would seem a bit farfetched in the case of mobiles, but Æsir thinks otherwise. The company comes up with a luxury phone, which reeks of elegance. Æsir turns out to be a pretty decent communications device for you. The design can be termed to be influenced from Scandinavian designs; and the name Æsir refers to Norse gods. The whole device can be said to being opposite of smart phones. Material of the highest possible quality has been used in making of this mobile phone. The people who have developed this mobile phone are European craftsmen. You also have the access to customized ring tones as well. The basic functionality of the phone includes making calls and sending texts only. You can get the basic model from $ 10,560, and there is one gold plated variant as well. The price of the variant is $ 61,000.