With much hype surrounding the iPhone 4s, which was recently launched by Apple guru, Steve Jobs (late), celebrity designer Jo-Emma Larvin has made a stunning edition of the much wanted phone. The entire outer frame of the iPhone 4s has been covered by 7.8 carats of VVS1 diamonds. The back of the phone has been entirely made from a solid layer of platinum with the logo of the company, Apple, made out of gorgeous 0.53 carats of diamonds. The design of the iPhone itself is sleek and well built; add to that a layer of diamonds and platinum and you truly get a work of art that is absolutely divine. The phone comes in a 64GB package with a factory unlocked system making it able to be used all over the world.

The designer, Jo-Emma has been quite a famous designer in the industry of luxury designing and due to the extraordinary quality of her work, she has now partnered up with Stuart Hughes from Liverpool. She pays great attention to detail through close observation and has an eye for aesthetics as well. Only 25 of these brilliant diamond and platinum iPhone 4s are to be made and will be priced at around £21, 000.
The iPhone is a part of a series of smart phones that have been enabled for multimedia and internet uses, marketed by the company Apple.


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