There are few watches that survive the decades through history, and even fewer to be called exceptional. The Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau is the latest iteration, a minute repeater watch that is driven by an artfully executed Venetian blind covering the dial, that upon being slid back activates the repeater mechanism which in turn sounds the given time counting hours, quarter hours and minutes by the sound of two gongs. But the watch not only incorporates one of the most complex functions, it is also a masterpiece of teamwork in which the designers were teaming up with the watchmakers, both starting from their own sparkling ideas and ending up in a collaboration to merge their talents. This cooperation is not unlike the one that led to the birth of the Reverso in 1931, as this ingenious reversible case had become reality in the Jaeger workshop in Paris and been married with the finest movement of the LeCoultre Manufacture in the Vallée de Joux. Now, 80 years and 42 movements later, the Reverso presents itself as young as ever, with its unique design code, which took its roots in the thriving time of Art Deco, carefully preserved and adjusted. And meanwhile it has lost nothing of its appeal: the characteristic three stripes or “gadroons”, the rectangular swivel case and its beautifully rounded sides, as well as the perfect sliding operation if one turns the case in its chassis.


Source: Press Release

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