The Soiree collection recalls the divas of silent cinema in the 1920s and 1930s alongside the gangster molls of the early Hollywood talkies. Without her voice, the silent cinema actress uses her body to articulate her emotions and desires and to captivate her audience. She knows the power of her physicality and in turn creates a language defined by her style and personality. In the filmic sense, the moll character is a notorious bombshell, with a glamorous look that inspires this season’s premium line.

We’ll show you few samples of this marvellous collection:

‘Fareena’ is an opulent corset adorned with decadent crystals and beading with double tulle layers on hips and front panels to create a dramatic silhouette.
‘Davis’ is a monochrome Gingham check set overlaid with a weighty white lace.
The daring ‘Cosima’ range is constructed using traditional corsetry techniques in the softest black napa leather, then adorned with beautiful gold fixtures and Swarovski crystal chains.

MADALYN     Celeste Slip
For a final flourish of drama, ‘Madalyn’ is a scarlet red leopard print set with zip-away suspender and seductively revealing padded bra. ‘Madalyn’ can be worn under ‘Celeste’, a gorgeous two-tone batwing sleeve kimono and slip in Agent Provocateur’s finest silk. It is a collection that oozes with power, provocation and luxury.

Source: Press release

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