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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather iPad sleeve

The famous Bottega Veneta brand has been doing such a great job catching our attention and forcing us to stop by, look at the goods, admire and talk about! The thing about the people in Bottega Veneta Intrecciato is that they do excel in making goods and do care about the slightest details as we can see in this intrecciato woven iPad sleeve. This red iPad [...]

Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo bag

Got extra $16,950 to spare on a glamorous bag? Well, you are watching one of the most unique options you might ever have. It is the Bottega Veneta Cocco Nature Duo Bag. I'm sure you might be wondering and asking yourself the following right now: "oh wow! What’s the 17 grands tag for!” Well, simply because it is made from glossy crocodile leather which[...]

Bottega Veneta’s Tote

This particular tote bag from Bottega Vaneta certainly has a unique frayed look. This may appeal to some in terms of its uniqueness, while others might dismiss it as being ugly. It has a distinct taste and color scheme which not be endearing to all. Some might say that is not appealing to the eye, while others would appreciate the decent usage of red color. [...]

Bottega Veneta's fringe top-handle tote

Keeping with its tradition of coming up with unique designs, Bottega Veneta has come with its latest creation. This tote’s design is intriguing to say the least. Like some of the previous unique designs, this one features thorns as its décor. Whether or not this item takes off depends on the buyers. Some feminine buyers tend to get bags with unique and intri[...]

Bottega Veneta Truffle Soft Crocodile Fume Bag is an expensive but fashionable accessory

Bottega Veneta has a penchant for coming up with accessories for fashionistas. So if you are a fashion conscious lady, then this is a definite item for you to have. It is a high end product but also a very trendy one too. The details of the bag are very precise and it is a real class item. It has very sleek and chic look to accommodate all sorts of dressings[...]

Bottega Veneta's Bracelet outshines all

People often complain that at certain times accessories like bracelets and earning fail to satisfy them owing to the discomfort that is felt when it worn. Bottega Veneta, famous jewelers have come forward with a time that provides you’re a nice wearing comfort and a fashion comfort too. This item is must have for collectors of luxury bracelets and access[...]